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XYDAC Archive Manager allows you to create and manage custom Archives. An archive is a list or a collection of records. So creating an archive on your website would mean creating a list of objects that you want to show. these objects can be some posts with a fixed criteria, It may be pages or for that matter anything you post on WordPress.

What Archive Manager helps with

  • Create New Archive
  • Define Archive templates
  • Automatically creates shortcode to include the archive anywhere in code
  • Archives can be added to template pages as well using do_shortcode() WordPress function.
  • Individual Custom Styles and javascript for each Archives
  • Ability to change anything and manage XydacArchives with ease.

Possible Use cases

  • Custom Post list
  • Portfolio listing
  • Tabular listing of post/pages.
  • Representation of any data that you can generate using WP_QUERY

What is the scope

You can use this custom archive generator to create a variety of stuffs on your website. Lets say you have a website with various members and you want to show a list of 10 latest posts of an author in an image slider. Yes you can do that too.

Can Table of Post be created with Custom Archives having only post titles, or value of a fixed custom field.?

Yes this can be done very easily. lookout for Table mode when you create an archive.

So Where do i define how i want to show the archive to user.

Basically there are three sections for this in Archive creation Screen

  • Before Loop : This gets executed before we fetch the data according to a query, so if you are creating a table and showing all the posts in a row. then do create the header of the table in this part.
  • Content HTML : This section defines how actually the content from query will be placed in html. I’ll be giving a sample code as well.
  • After Loop : This gets executed once the system is out of loop. So if it’s a table, now is the time to close it.

Is there any sample code for this Messy Stuff

Of course there is

Before Loop

<th width=”75%”>Post Name</th>
<th>Post Date</th>

Content HTML

<a href=”[x_permalink]”>[x_title]</a>

After Html


Are there any shortcodes?

Yes you will need to use the shortcode [xydac_archive]archive_name[/xydac_archive].

Also watch out you can put the query in shortcode itself.just add a parameter query like So now this query overrides the query defined on archive creation screen.

What is the default content for Content HTML

This is the default content for Content HTML box

<a href=”[x_permalink]”><div>

Can we use shortcodes inside an archive

Yes you can, you have to use short code to fetch any type of data the default short codes are [x_permalink],[x_title],[x_excerpt],[x_date],[x_time].

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21 thoughts on “Archive Manager”

  1. seems to be some visualization problem on the admin panel: no text input is shown on the before, custom and after loop boxes and also in custom css and javascript boxes. instead of the txt fields appear the num “1”.
    Looking with the firebug inspector textfields are there but invisible.
    Is some css wron?
    I’m useing ff 11


    1. got it!
      it was failing an inclusion in css.php. it was
      include ‘/mods/codemirror.css’ with the leading /, removed it and now it’s ok.

      1. That’s very nice from you, but what is the format we have to put in the query box ? do we put in this query_posts( ‘posts_per_page=5’ ); or just this posts_per_page=5 ….. it would be great if you could put in a couple of examples

  2. [x_permalink]

    Hi, can we use more terms ? What about author or thumbnail ?
    I have tried [x_author] and every combination of [x_the_thumbnail] or [x_post-thumbnails]

    it just puts out the written code withou parsing, any ideas ?

  3. Hi,

    I am referring to this comment :

    Yes you can, you have to use short code to fetch any type of data the default short codes are [x_permalink],[x_title],[x_excerpt],[x_date],[x_time].

    How do we use this to fetch any type of data ?

  4. hello, hello,
    pls just answer this is the only thing that prevent our new website froim going online … pls

    1. dk_india_world

      Try this code snippet, It should do your work.

      function x_author_name() {
      global $post;
      return $post->post_author;
      add_shortcode('x_author_name', 'x_author_name');

      Add this snippets to functions.php file of your theme at the end before ?>
      then you should be able to use the short code [x_author_name] for retrieving author data.
      So basically you’ll have to create a short code which can be used inside the code.
      Do let me know if it doesn’t work, as i haven’t tested it now.


    2. dk_india_world

      I would really be glad if you could post your experience of using this plugin in a better way like a tutorial with screenshot, or may be a screen-cast for reference to users, and I could then publish your work on this website.

      Many thanks if you could help with that.


  5. Sure – no problem,
    can you maybe send me a mail, I don’t think we should have all this posted here, which programme to use for the screen-cast what do you recommend ?


  6. Hi Xydac,

    thanks for your great work.

    I want to list entries in an archive separated by commas but don’t know where to insert them. I am using the following to output:

    [xy_jahr field=”name”]

    and the current output is: 20102011
    I want the output to be: 2010, 2011

    where would I have to put something like (‘, ‘)?

    Thank you alot!


  7. Hi Joe,
    I’m searching for a plugin to change and customize the archive layout of wordpress theme/template. I.e. 2 columns, with thumbnail and title, something like a grid or a table. Most plugins use shortcode that must be added to a new page or post. I need instead to change the way archive/category/tag are showed. Is this possible with this plugin?
    Does it work with 3.9?

    1. Hi,
      Archive manager can be used to generate archive with any visual appearance, But in order to use it you’ll still need to add this to archive.php page for using it as default way to show archive.


  8. Hi Deepak Seth,

    Your contact form is broken so I had to use this comment form.

    Lately I’ve been using your plugin. It’s an amazing piece of work. I always wanted to make something like this by myself. But due to living I have to work and so no time to make something from beginning. And I guess you know, anything we do alone, is a thing that’s forever small.

    This plugin is not completed yet, and there are plenty of things we can improve. Hence, I would like to offer my technical skill here. To make this plugin the no.1 plugin for WP content management.

    I saw your Github page. I can continue from there. If you are interested.

    In return I only want to be official. That mean my name to be co-author, and links back to my website as credit, beside yours.

    I got a plan for it. And if you accept my cooperation, we can market this plugin… even make profit out of it for our development capitals.

    Binh WPOS

    1. Hi Binh,
      Thank you very much for pointing it out, I was not aware that my contact form was not working. Have fixed it now.
      I like the idea that you suggested. I can add you as co-author as you suggested for the plugin.

      Let me know your ideas and we can work on it.
      You already have the reference to the github page. I have tried to be as modular in writing this plugin as i can.
      Hope that helps.


  9. Hi Deepak,

    I am very excited seeing your positive response. I will move on to Github and we can discuss issue from there.

    Please try to add my github ID binhwpo. So that I can directly create dev branchs hence we dont have to deal with too many pull requests.

    Will suggest my ideas as github issues and we discuss on there.


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