Shortcode Form Fields

Default Form Fields for creating a Xydac Shortcode

  • Name : It is used to uniquely identify each shortcode. The shortcode being created has a prefix xys_
  • Nested Shortcode Name If you are writing a nested shortcode inside this shortcode, give it a name.
  • Description : A brief description for everyone to understand
  • Attributes : Attributes are basically set of default attributes that are allowed to be used with your shortcode. You can specify various attributes separated by comma. The attributes can also be accompanied by their default values. These attributes can also be used for nested tags.
  • TemplateThe form with which defines the html code that will be used for rendering your shortcode. Example provided below.
  • Custom CSS : [OPTIONAL]It used to define custom style definition used specifically for this shortcode.
  • Custom Javascript : [OPTIONAL]It used to define custom javascript definition used specifically for this shortcode.