Shortcode Manager

XYDAC shortcode manager allows you to create and manage various types of shortcodes for your websites. For a details information about what WordPress shortcodes are you can refer to WordPress Codex- Shortcode API, or may be you can google it…

What Shortcode manger helps with

  • Create New Custom Shortcode
  • Define custom shortcode templates
  • Allows nested Shortcodes
  • Maintain custom shortcodes using simple UI.
  • Individual Custom Styles and javascript for each Shortcode
  • Custom Attributes for each shortcode with a default value
  • Ability to change anything and manage shortcode with ease.

Custom Templating

Inside the templating form fields, You can use the attributes defined above using a special notation.
To Create an attribute all you need to do is write the attributes seperated with comma(,) and providing the default value if required using an equal sign (=), in the Attributes as well as Nested attributes fields.

Showing attributes between html codes

In order to use these attributes in runtime inside your template, all you need to do is write these attributes around double hash (##).
If box is a shortcode type created then a prefix ‘xys_’ is automatically added to the shortcode being created in order to avoid any conflict.

As you can see the attributes are used in templates form field by prefixing and suffixing the attribute name with ##. Moreover you have the flexibility of customizing the shortcode as required.

Additional Reference Links

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