Ultimate CMS 1.0 Released Today

WordPress Ultimate CMS plugin Version 1.0 has been released today. It would be great if i could get some response on whether there are any issues involved in it or if the plugin is breaking you site ( This shouldn’t usually happen).

Please let me know ASAP, So that i can fix it for you.

This version of Ultimate CMS has various changes from code perspective, but in front end it seems mostly the same. The code is more modular, easy to mend and provides options for adding new modules instantly. Added Module Manager so that any module that is not desired can be switched off.

The performance has been improved. Please check and let me know if anything still bugs you.

7 thoughts on “Ultimate CMS 1.0 Released Today”

  1. The plugin seems awesome, but it’s asking for an API key.

    Where, and how, are we supposed to get it?
    And what is it for?

    Sincerely, it is not nice to surprise users like this, ’cause, for example, I couldn’t find any reference to an api key in the plugin description, nor on this site.
    Take it as constructive criticism.

    Anyway, what is requested to get it?

    1. The part of plugin askin for API key is under construction and is not functioning now….I put it in first place because i thought i would be ablle to complete it’s functionality but it didn’t work out…Will let ya know as soon as it is done..!!!

  2. The The Name of the Xydac Taxonomy field appears to support any UTF-8 character. However, when displayed in the list, the UTF-8 decoding is missing. A thème taxonomy (meaning subject in French) is displayed as th%c3%a8me and cannot be Activate‘d.

    (Nice plugin by the way. Thanks for it. :))

  3. Been testing out your plugin.
    I was using the plugin types for a few days and it is great but needed some hacks to get the posts to show on the main page and in other areas.
    I first downloaded you Ultimate post type plugin and automagically the posts that I added to the new post types appeared on the home page. For some reason reason this is not happening in this plugin. Is it not based on and in fact replaces the UPT plugin from earlier.
    I have removed all the other plugins that have to do with types and cannot get this one to produce the same recent posts on home page or anywhere.
    How do I make the custom post type posts to show on the home page (most recent posts) and also other areas that posts usually show up like archives, categories, tags, and sidebar recent.

  4. Also some bugs:
    1-When creating a new post type most of the selections are not saved when changed from the default. Have to activate the type and then go back in change everything again (either true or false) from the default settings.
    2-The created post type should automatically be activated. suggestion not really bug.
    3- get this error with every save
    Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in ....\wp-includes\post.php on line 1097

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